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Thereza Rebouças is a Brazilian architect, designer and stylist who currently lives in New York blogging and sharing her experiences in the city with her followers. She has her own Interior Design office and is also working for Resident Magazine as a social media assistant with graduated degree from Architecture and specialized in Fashion and Art, which gave her a great background to create and talk about the relative subjects.
Thereza is also a traveller who had experiences living in different captials such as Paris and London. She attends to broad options of events and launches in architecture, interior design, and decoration.

The Blog

It's all about inspiration - once you need it to create (anything: fashion, architecture, movies).

When it was created, it should be a place to share my projects.. Well, sometimes I share my work, sometimes I share where I find inspiration to create my work and sometimes I share anything else! It's like this Grace Coddington quote - whatever you see can inspire you.

I've been changing a lot since 2009 and so the blog - when it was launched the name was 'ARCH*FASHION*MOVIES', then I changed it to 'Chocolates & Vogue' and now as you can see, it has my own name 'cause it's really my place, my virtual magazine. It's where I feel safe to talk about everything I want and share all the crazy thoughts that pop into my mind.

When I was a child, before g to know about the great  fashion characters like Grace, who taught me to be this curious and look closely at things were my parents. Specially my father. On our trips through the roads of Zona da Mata e vertentes + Rio de Janeiro and SP he was always keeping us (me and my sister) wake up and looking outside the car windows:
"- Look at that bus station! Look at that river! That river separates Rio from Minas.. And that building! Are you looking? You can't sleep now, you must see this!"

Now I'm in NYC. I never expected to be here or to be trying to make a life in the Big Apple.. My oldest readers must know better, I've always preferred LDN. Anyway, life is crazy and unpredictable.
Thinking about this, I started to write notes of my experiences here, so you're gonna see a lot of travel diaries here too... I hope you like it! 

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